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"Soil testing is considered an essential strategy to avoid driving blind in managing your all-important crop nutrition. Your production and profitability is often determined by nutritional constraints and there is no place for guesswork. A good soil test is your most important starting point."


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By Richard Kirby

YES Analysis' mission is to provide and demonstrate facts that provide the truth in our ability to produce information, analysis and learning materials that help people improve and control their own food and health systems.


To teach and demonstrate facts that provide the truth in our ability to build healthy, equitable, food systems that contribute to the social and economic development of their communities and at the same time re-establish and maintain a balanced energetic healthy body and mind.  


Changing the structural conditions of the local and global food regime requires strong social movements capable of bringing together advocates and practitioners for lasting social change and are serious about their God given purpose in life and the lives of others.


What area of our life can we change that will make the most impact and allow our life to be a more fun energetic purpose filled life? Eating is a fueling process. The fuel that we choose should be the proper fuel.


Eating is one the most important events in everyone’s life. We enjoy eating - it’s part of who we are and part of our culture. We depend on eating: the foods and water we consume are the primary source of our energy and nutrition. We know so much about eating: we are born with the desire to eat and grown up with rich traditions of eating.


But we also know so little about eating - about how the foods we eat everyday affect our health. Based on experiences and traditions, our ancestors have used foods and plant materials to treat various kinds of illness. Manuscripts discovered from a tomb (dated 168 B.C.)

in China described prescriptions for 52 ailments with herbs, grains, legumes, vegetables, animal parts, and minerals. Ancient Sumerians recorded the use of 250 medicinal plants on tablets five thousand years ago. Today, plant and food remedies are still the major medicinal source for 80% of the world’s population.


The pharmacological roles of everyday foods have long been neglected by modern medicine due to lack of proven scientific validity. The main focus of modern medicine has been on pharmaceuticals. With the invention of modern chemotherapy by Paul Erhlich in the early twentieth century and sulfa drugs and antibiotics in the 1930’s and 1940’s, it seemed as if chemical medicines would take care of all our ills.


However, while there continues to be great strides made in the understanding and use of pharmaceuticals, there is also widespread dissatisfaction with both them and the system of medicine that utilizes them. This dissatisfaction is centered on the feeling that they are too disease-oriented, and perhaps too limited by their precision to cope effectively with the subtle factors and interrelationships that compromise human health and disease.


The precise and pure nature of modern biomedical pharmaceuticals also tends to increase their side effects. In addition, with the victory over many common infectious diseases, more people are concerned with chronic degenerative processes and with prevention of disease.


The increasing concerns have started a new movement in medical research. More and more mainstream scientists are reaching back to the truth of ancient food folk medicines and dietary practices for clues to remedies and antidotes to our modern diseases.


Quick Response

YES Analysis provides Quick turnaround on soil, product or water  testing. Usually less than a week.

Protect Your Food Supply

Not being aware of past contaminants, pesticides or other chemicals absorbed in the soil can leave your food supply unprotected.

Chemical Analysis

YES Analysis has a highly through process, compiling pinpointing, otherwise unknown,  chemical hazards that would jeopardize your food source..

Needed Solutions

You know you have a problem but how do you solve it. YES expert analysis will inform you of the necessary steps for your solution.

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What We Do


YES Analysis utilizes Bioenergetic testing to measure the effects and interactions between living organisms and electromagnetic fields, forces, energies, currents and charges. We single out the cause and effect. Simply said, we determine the cause, behind the cause, that is behind the cause, causing the effect.


We utilize devices capable of measuring the energetic imbalances and transmitting frequencies to rebalance the energy. They can scan the frequencies of micro-organisms or toxins and then transmit only those necessary frequencies for energy rebalancing with the ability to transmit positive vibrational frequencies of supplements to the intended subject. They measure the stressors known to cause disease.


Bioenergetic testing is a simple, safe, natural method for analyzing structural, physical, and nutritional needs. A deficiency in any of these areas can cause or contribute to various acute or chronic health problems.


Bioenergetic testing accurately determines the source of a nutritional imbalance problem, and what specific whole nutrient from nature will heal it. Every Person, animal, plant, soil or environment (herein referred as “subject”) is unique and has particular sensitivities to emotional, environmental, and physical stimuli. Because no two subjects are alike, each subject has its own specific sensitivities. When the subject is out of balance and is experiencing deferential challenges, those individual sensitivities must be identified, to be treated. Intention is the most important facet (the x factor) of healing.


Once Bioenergetic testing has determined the exact immune challenge (virus? parasite? bacteria? fungal/yeast overgrowth? food allergy? metal or chemical toxin?), the testing methods identify the specific item in nature that handles the immune challenge. The specific compound(s) that will bring the subject back into balance are identified. From a place of balance, the subject can heal.


Also, existing supplements available can be tested, to determine if they provide additional energy to the subject. Items that don't "test" well, deplete energy from the subject. Ultimately the additional endotoxin load further hampers an already stressed subject. Many times the symptoms of a nutritional problem are treated while the actual source of the problem continues to go undetected. There is hope.


Bioenergetic testing can quickly and accurately uncover the root of the nutritional problem and provide answers for correcting it. One of the most overlooked functions in solving the imbalance is the “stacking order” of the elements needed to complete a proper balance. Think about baking a cake. There is an order and timing of applying the ingredients of the recipe.